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GDP $230 billion | GDP Growth > 10% | Market of 67 million people
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Gujarat Gateway Programs

Gateway Gujarat Programs are customized solutions for business needs of corporates, growth companies and startups by leveraging our space, global network and our resources. These programs are used for market access, project office, clients events and other events.


Gujarat has been a hub of trade and commerce since over 5000 years, when the port of Lothal connected the then India to the world. Today, driven by the entrepreneurial Gujarati spirit, the State acts as the world’s gateway to opportunities in India.

As India’s leading growth hub, Gujarat is firmly committed to national socio-economic growth, on the backbone of proactive governance, state-of-the-art infrastructure and complete ease of doing business. In addition to a framework for sustainable business, Gujarat provides a high quality of life, characterized by peace, happiness, and the warmth of our people.

Our group is doing business in Gujarat since 1978. We have established and managed manufacturing and distribution in brick and mortar. Our group has been involved in digital economy since 2000. We can offer a very customized solution for your entry to Gujarat or Western India or in country of India through Gujarat and our other offices.

Services Leveraging Space

Business Address

Professional address

Mail Services

Receipt, send and forward


On premises or other locations

Conference rooms

Writing walls and many equipped with video conferencing capability

Training Rooms

Many equipped with interactive boards

Desk space and private offices

From shared space to dedicated desks

Printing and related services

Various administrative services

Front Desk services

For client meetings

Storage space

To store marketing material


Managing events like product launches, client forums, channel conference etc.

Digital Services

Phone Number

Local phone number.

Online phone system (VoIP)

IP based phonesystem
and PBX.

Website domains and emails

New domains and email management.

Instant Message, chat and other online platforms

Assistance to set up and manage.

Video conferencing

Discuss with your team or clients anywhere in the world.

Webinar Services

Excellent tool for lead generation and or customer service.

Online digital storage

Assistance with online storage of digital assets.

Cloud-based applications

Identification and assistance.

Video Content

Leverage our video content generation capability.

Background Checks

Will like to have a mature community of professionals.

Why use Gateway Gujarat Programs


Experience with large international and domestic corporate like GM, Uber, Yokogawa, Samsung and many more.


Experience of helping startups with their growth plans.


Select what you need as you need it.

Low Risk

Its plug and play model.


Model offer flexibility and scalability from only address to full scale business solutions.

Professional Set Up

Leverage our business address and infrastructure for your use and also provide right image.


Assistance to do content based event including creating videos.


Broadband, Cloud, Online tools and IT services as needed.

How can you leverage Gujarat Gateway Programs

Market Access

Access and penetrate new market with low risk model.

Lead Generation

Based on leads, the future plan can be developed.

Thought Leaders

Be a though leader and establish or sponsor events.

Client Forums

Offer excellent content to existing clients.

Product Launch

Events to launch products.

Project Setup

Leverage our program to establish and manage local project office Training Programs. Leverage our training rooms for training sessions to team or clients.

Training Programs

Leverage our training rooms for training sessions to team or clients.

Channel Programs

Arrange sales and service channel events.


Clients meetings in professional environment.

Digital Events

Arrange your webinars and video conferences.

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