• The service, quality of candidates and response time has been outstanding.

    - Manoj Shetty,

    Elder Pharmaceuticals

  • The best thing about The iPlex is their ability to understand the nature of business and deliver on time.

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Yagna IQ

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Yagna IQ


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What They're Saying

"We partnered with The iPlex a few months ago, when we needed to fill in many critical positions. The iPlex team understood our requirements in minimum time and helped us quickly hire the right talent in bulk."

Association Helps in Fast Bulk Hiring

Managers across industries are aware how easily tasks expand to fill the time available to do them. Recruitment is no exception. Without strict controls on time, recruitment may at times expand into a months-long process. This leads to increased costs and causes unnecessary headaches. Worse, an overly long recruiting process may actually reduce your chances of finding the type of top talent you’re looking for, as star candidates find and accept offers elsewhere.

Client Primer

Optimizing workflow is a great way to reduce costs, improve brand equity, increase customer loyalty, and substantially increase deal size. Yagna iQuote™ (patent pending) SaaS-based deal workflow engine reduces complex configurations to a point and click operation, enabling real-time refinement and promotion integration. Unlike internally built or third party offerings, Yagna iQ’s application uses a proprietary (patent pending) software platform with innovative analytics and algorithms producing complete configurations/solutions that are timely, accurate, efficient, and profitable. Yagna’s success is the result of innovative strategies and a focused approach in addressing long standing customer pain points around complex configuration management. The Yagna Cloud solution is helping create a smarter and more connected global business community by maximizing operational efficiencies, improving existing customer bases, and enabling the capture of new customers. Our multi-tenant architecture allows clients to use the same hardware and software infrastructure while keeping individual customer’s data logically separate and secure. This feature allows us to rapidly deliver new functionalities to all customers simultaneously.

Client Situation

Yagna IQ needed to hire candidates in bulk in order to meet their growth plans. They were looking at hiring candidates from relevant product based and service based companies. One of the major challenges that the recruitment team was facing was getting candidates to appear for the various interview rounds. While interview scheduling with candidates over phone and mail worked fine, the number of candidates who actually turned up for the interview was very few. This led to time mismanagement and delays in the overall hiring process. Also, since Yagna IQ had no established brand value, it was difficult making candidates aware of the benefits of joining and working with the company for a long term.

The iPlex Solution

The iPlex team helped Yagna IQ streamline and speed up its recruitment process; making sure open positions are filled up quickly. To achieve this, they started off with sourcing relevant candidate profiles from product and service based companies. They set up a process where in duplication of candidate profiles was addressed, which helped reduce turnaround time a lot. The iPlex team prepared a brand value proposition for the company that could be pitched to prospective candidates. This highlighted the benefits offered to employees by the company and its employee friendly culture and role fitment attributes. The recruiters were then able to increase candidate turn-up ratio at interviews.

Key Highlights

  • High interview turn-up ratio.

  • Improved Prescreening and enhanced company profile to pitch to candidates.

  • Reduced duplication of resumes.